Dalmia DSP

by Dalmia Cement

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Product Specification
Brand Dalmia DSP
Packaging Size 50 Kg
Usage/Application Mass Concreting,Reinforced Concrete Structures,Suited for coastal areas
Cement Color Grey
Packaging Type Paper Sack Bag
Cement Grade Grade 53
Product Description

PPC (Portland Pozzolana Cement) is a type of blended cement which is made by grinding high quality clinker with gypsum and fly ash. Compared to Ordinary Portland Cement, PPC offers better workability during construction, higher long term strength gain, better concrete density and improved finishing. Although suited for all weather and construction needs, it is especially ideal for general construction works and works exposed to aggressive weather conditions.

Dalmia Cement protects building structures through:

  • Reduced possibility of cracks.
  • High Volume Stability
  • Higher Level of Quality: With low loss on ignition & low insoluble residue, Dalmia Cement is purer as it consists of fresh clinkers, high-quality gypsum, and other raw materials.